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The Cedar City Police Department fingerprints individuals on a first-come, first-serve basis Tuesday and Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the department lobby. There is a $5 charge per individual fingerprinted. That fee is payable to Cedar City Corp., in the city office building, adjacent to the police department. Proof of payment is required before fingerprints will be taken. If you need a re-print after , there is no charge if you have your letter rejecting the prints.

For more information related to fingerprinting, contact the Cedar City Police Department at 435-586-2956.


The Cedar City Police Department offers traffic school to qualified individuals in order to keep points off their insurance/driving record. The class fee is $60, in addition to your citation fee; and, individuals interested in attending traffic school must sign up for the class BEFORE paying the citation fee at the Iron County Justice Court (82 N. 100 East, 435-865-5335). The class is 2 hour longs and only one class need be attended. Currently CCPD does not offer an online class. If you live out of the area and need to make arrangements to attend a class near your location, calling the city attorney's assistant at 435-865-5290 for more information.

To attend traffic school:

  • 1. Fill out Plea in Abeyance paperwork with the City Attorney, located in the administration side of the Cedar City Corp. building at 10 N. Main Street.
  • 2. Pay the $60 traffic school fee at the payment counter in the Cedar City Corp. office building.
  • 3. With proof of payment, individuals can sign up to attend the class at the Cedar City Police Department. Classes are held one Thursday a month from 7 to 9 p.m. and one Saturday a month from 10 a.m. to noon. Individuals need only attend one class. The class takes place in the Cedar City Council chambers and is lecture style. There is no test. Photo ID is required.
  • 4. Once the student has signed up and paid for traffic school, they are then instructed to pay for their citation at the Iron County Justice Court (82 N 100 East, 435-865-5335)
  • 5. After attendance at the class is completed, the police secretary notifies the city attorney and credit for the class is issued.

For more information related to Traffic School, contact the Cedar City Police Department at 435-586-2956.


  • 1. To obtain a copy of a police report, accident report, photos, dash cam video, etc., begin by filling out a GRAMA request form. (please make GRAMA form a link, and make it fillable and submitted to KariAne via email and printable) Click for Printable Form
  • 2. This form can then be faxed, emailed, or dropped off at Cedar City Police Department. However, NO records will be released until proof of payment is received.
  • 3. By state statute, the department has 10 days to respond to a records request. And, you will receive the fastest service by personally requesting the records at the police department.

Records fees are as follows:

  • Police Report* - $5 per report and 25 cents each additional page
  • Accident Report - $5
  • Photographs - $3 per page, 4 photos to a page or $25 per CD.

* Domestic Violence cases: The victim is entitled to the DV report for no charge if the suspect was arrested.

Background Checks/Criminal Histories/Letters of Good Conduct

The Cedar City Police Department does not perform background checks, or provide criminal histories. Individuals must go through BCI, the Bureau of Criminal Identification. BCI can be reached at 801-965-4445 or at www.bci.gov.

If you are serving an LDS mission, or need a letter of good conduct from the local jurisdiction – Cedar City Police Department – come into the office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. A valid photo ID is required.

EASY Class (Eliminating Alcohol Sales to Youth)

The beer handler's permit class takes place on the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Police Department; and, the third Tuesday of the month at 12 p.m. Attendees only need to attend one class. A valid photo ID is required. If not, a permit will not be issued. And, if you are late to the class, you will be turned away and asked to attend a different class.


Questions About Sex Offender in Our Community


How do I know who is a sex offender?


There is no way to tell if someone is a sex offender just by looking at them.  They are in every occupation and have no socio-economic boundaries.  Thankfully, the State of Utah has provided a way for its citizens to search for offenders in their communities.  By visiting the Department of Corrections website http://corrections.utah.gov and clicking on the link that says SONAR S”YSTEM, you can input your address and find sex offenders in your community.  If you have concerns about a specific offender, you can search for them by name.  Perhaps the most important feature of the website is the ability to sign up for automatic notifications (via email) when an offender moves into your neighborhood.

Who is required to register?


The State of Utah registers sex offenders based on conviction of a pre-determined list of offenses.  This list can be found on the registry website: http://corrections.utah.gov  Utah also requires registration of offenders who have a registration requirement from another state or the Federal government.

What information do offenders have to register?


Offenders must submit information as required by state law.  The following is a list of information that must be registered:  names and aliases, primary and secondary addresses, physical description of offender, vehicles the offender owns or regularly drives, a current photograph of the offender, set of fingerprints, DNA specimen, telephone numbers (both hard-line and cell), internet identifiers (including gaming platforms), copy of passport, any documents establishing the offender’s immigration status, professional licenses, any educational institution affiliations, name and address of places the sex offender is employed, name and address of places where the offender volunteers, and the offender’s social security number.  Keep in mind, much of this information is available on our public website.  However law enforcement has access to all of the information above.

Where do offenders register?


Offenders are required to register at their local Police Department, Sheriff’s Office or Adult Probation and Parole office.  This helps local law enforcement keep track of the offenders in your community.  If you live in an unincorporated city, the offenders will register at the county sheriff’s office.  If your city has its own municipal police agency, the offender will register at the agency’s headquarters.  Offenders under supervision by Adult Probation and Parole will register with that agency.

When are offender required to register?


Offenders are required to register every 6 months:  In the month of their birth, and 6 months thereafter.  Offenders have 3 days to report changes in vehicle information, employment information, educational affiliations, and residence changes.  If you notice a change in one of these items, you may check the State’s website, to see if the information has been properly updated.  If it has not, please notify your local law enforcement agency at (435) 586-2956 or the registry at (801) 495-7700 or email registry@utah.gov.


What do I do if a sex offender approaches me or my child?


If the offender makes any inappropriate statements or behaves oddly, contact local law enforcement immediately.  If on parole or probation, the offender may be in violation for contact with children.  Report any suspicious activity or concerns to your local law enforcement agency immediately.